Temp Work Agencies – Pros and Cons

Temp Work Agencies – Pros and Cons

A temporary work agency like Lucrez In Europa, temporary recruitment agency or temporary employment firm locates and then holds jobs for temp workers. Many other employers, in need of temporary workers, either contract with a temporary work agency to supply temporary workers, or temp temps, on temporary assignments to various companies. These agencies then specialize in finding these temp workers as well as handling all the documentation and background work associated with the placements. The advantage to this type of employment is the ease and quickness with which the temp worker can be placed. There is no lengthy recruiting process, with many of these temp agencies employing hundreds of employees per month. However, there are also disadvantages to this form of temp agency use.

The main drawback of temp work agencies is that their services are very seasonal and therefore not available all year round. This can mean that the agencies find jobs in smaller amounts during peak periods and then must make do with less business all year round. In order to remain in business, these staffing agencies must then cut costs by reducing the amount of temporary assignments they have available, and increasing employee turnover. This makes it more costly for the agencies than it is affordable for the clients.

Some employment agencies have begun to take control of the number of temp employees they hire, while others continue to do so on a “limited” basis. The vast majority of temporary work agencies provide services to both large and small businesses, and cater to a wide variety of industries. Some staffing agencies have recently begun to offer online recruiting services, which allow the company to post the profiles of potential employees, and receive bids from those wishing to work. Online postings make it far easier for businesses to reach permanent positions.

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