Opening a Law Practice – The Best Places to Start


Opening a Law Practice – The Best Places to Start

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs – The main function of the lawyer’s practice is to provide legal services, so that he or she will not have to spend much time preparing briefs, arguments, and performing research. But some lawyers also provide other services that are involved in the preparation, presentation, and argument of briefs, pleadings, or opinions in court. A lawyer who handles a wide range of cases will be expected to be knowledgeable about litigation techniques, strategies and procedures, to be an expert in the areas of law, including the drafting of briefs, and to be able to offer advice regarding certain types of evidence and argument, etc.

Tips for Starting a Law Practice

However, any lawyer who is responsible for handling a wide range of cases, including criminal, civil, or corporate matters, will be expected to participate in the preparation, submission, and argument of briefs, pleadings, or opinions in court cases, conduct research, help with depositions, provide advice on various forms of evidence, conduct interviews, prepare documents, prepare court documents, prepare letters of argument and exhibits, provide legal representation, review documents, and arguments in court, draft pleadings, and briefs, prepare documents, and pleadings for use in court, etc.

In addition to providing legal services, many lawyers also offer advice to clients and conduct private practice as well. Lawyers who handle this type of work will have to take courses on this aspect of legal practice in addition to being licensed and have certain experience and training.

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