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IPAF Training Course Providers

All IPAF courses are regularly up to date and teach you the basics of operating lightweight elevated work systems in all environments. (MEWS) Plantools are proud to be providing their Health and Safety related training and support to others. IPAF Training include a range of high-class, fully-customised MEWS applications, providing you with the ability to get your job done from any location and in any conditions.

Boost Your Ipaf Training Course Providers With These Tips

MEWS are a set of portable work platforms and scaffolding that are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of Mews, Tilley. This versatile construction product is now being used by a number of businesses as stand alone or integrated components for mobile or inflatable structures. The versatility of these versatile scaffold platforms allows a great deal of flexibility when working on Mews – including the ability to move them around, carry them up and down ladders, and stack or position them in several different positions. These versatile construction tools are also capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, including light construction, manumatic lifting and general light duty work platforms.

There are various types of IPAF training courses available, depending upon your requirements and business requirements. These include the complete hands-on training programs, including MEWS installation and design. There are also ‘one day’ training courses, or the short term ‘instructional’ type training programs. These are all designed to give you a thorough understanding of the functionality of MEWS scaffolding and work platforms, and to ensure that you are able to implement them safely and consistently, every time. All IPAF training courses are accompanied by comprehensive site-specific instructions, safety and regulatory documents, and are supported by an industry professional consultant.

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