Day: January 12, 2021


How to Choose the Best OBD2 Scanner?

If you are interested in purchasing an OBD2 scanner to help you troubleshoot your odometers, you need to have a better understanding of what an OBD2 scanner is and how it works abs code reader landroverbar. It is important to know that this type of scanner can perform many functions beyond reading the car’s odometer. With that knowledge, handy auto owners can avoid most of the common problems associated with scanners and instead save money on costly repairs. Others won’t even be at the mercy of expensive repair shops trying to inflate their bill by falsely diagnosing a problem.

Abs code reader landroverbar

This article has tested dozens of OBD2 scanners with each having different strengths and weaknesses. We have tested them based solely on our own personal preferences and have found that the Graco Turbo Virus LED and the OBD2 scanner from Warranty Direct were the best scanners on the market. The Graco brand boasts several hundred dollars of value and even comes with a three year limited warranty. Most expensive scanners on the market simply don’t offer as much as the Graco model does for a reasonable price. Even with the higher price, we found that these two models performed as well or better than most other cheaper brands of OBD2 scanner on the market today.

When it comes to shopping for an OBD2 scanner, there are dozens of different makes and models. While some are Bluetooth capable, most of the best scanners work with vehicles that run on hard disks and flash memory. The Graco and the innova Bluetooth code reader scan tool is our highest recommendation for a great all-around scanner that can perform multiple functions while costing far less than the most expensive scanners on the market today.

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